Noakes Group

The Other Police Force

by Noakes Group | November 21, 2018

Say the word “police” and most people imagine constables on the beat or a highway patrol car with its lights flashing. But there is another major component of the NSW Police Force that goes largely unnoticed – the Marine Area Command.

Noakes Group was recently awarded the exclusive vessel maintenance and repair contract for this vital arm of policing in the state. That new role for the company presents huge challenges, and has prompted the group to devise unique strategies to meet the exacting demands of a diverse and widespread fleet.

The NSW Marine Area Command operates from 13 locations stretching over more than 450 miles of coastline from Eden in the South to Coffs Harbour in the North. Its vessels range from the mighty 32-metre ocean-going Nemesis to fast-response RIBs and Noosa Cats.

Almost by definition, much of the on-water police work is prompted by emergencies or the need for swift interdiction. Time is of the essence, so every craft in the fleet needs to be in optimum condition.

The Noakes approach to ensuring that Marine Area Command is always at full operational capacity was to establish three “flying squad” maintenance and repair crews. Working as two-man teams from specially equipped vehicles, these In Service Support units take the idea of roadside assistance to new levels.

The base line of the contract is a schedule of regular monthly maintenance for the entire fleet. But the Noakes team must also provide a quick response to any major breakdown, defect or damage. They have just two hours in which to attend the boat and recommend a repair strategy.

Not surprisingly, the In Service Support staff are experienced all-round marine tradesmen. They can deal with the full range of problems from engine performance and hull issues to paintwork and navigation electronics.

Noakes Group is proud to have forged this relationship with the Police Force Marine Area Command and to contribute to the safety and security of everyone who uses the waters of New South Wales.