Noakes Group

Noakes is a proud to be an accredited Key Divisional Supplier (KDS) to the ADF. We provide support and fleet management services to the Royal Australian Navy, Defence Materiel, the Army and NSW Police. The award of these prestige contracts demonstrates the depth of our expertise and the quality of our work practices.

Noakes is trusted to maintain and repair a highly diverse fleet of defence vessels from harbour craft to high-performance patrol boats.

Landing Craft

Noakes has secured a 5-year agreement with Navy to store the 70-tonne Spanish-built LHD Landing Craft while they are on rotation from their mother ship. By providing safe, dry-stand storage at North Sydney Noakes has significantly reduced Defence Department expenditure on maintenance while keeping the landing craft at immediate “battle ready” status.

Young Endeavour

Navy has entrusted the complete care and maintenance of its beautiful Sail Training Ship Young Endeavour to Noakes as prime contractor for the past 30 years. One of the world’s most complex modern square-riggers, she was Great Britain’s bicentennial gift to Australia. Noakes provides Young Endeavour with all maintenance services from rigging and paint to complete refits.

Hydrographic Survey Boats

A lesser-known but vital part of the RAN’s service role is the constant refining of its navigational charts and general hydrographic data. Noakes stores and maintains the highly specialized training craft used by the Naval Hydrographic School. In addition it provides support services for the Antarctic Survey Vessel based in Tasmania.